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IPMI Sensor Monitoring Plugin - thegreatadmin - 11-06-2018

Hi Robbie,

it is possible to add IPMI support to NEMS?
The german server builder Thomas Krenn provides an IPMI Sensor Monitoring Plugin.
It offers live hardware information (temp, fan speed, powersupply,...) via IPMI from serverboards.
I am really missing it on NEMS.


Greetings from Germany.
thegreatadmin ;-)

RE: IPMI Sensor Monitoring Plugin - Robbie Ferguson - 11-08-2018

Hi from Canada, thegreatadmin!

Sure thing. I've added it to the to-do list for NEMS 1.5. It'll be released within the next month or so.


RE: IPMI Sensor Monitoring Plugin - Robbie Ferguson - 11-13-2018

The following checkcommands have been added to NEMS 1.5:

If you are able, I would appreciate some real-world testing. Let me know if you're able to beta test NEMS 1.5 to ensure everything works with the new IPMI sensors.


RE: IPMI Sensor Monitoring Plugin - Robbie Ferguson - 02-23-2019

There is a serious bug with FreeIPMI 1.6.3-1. It has therefore been removed from NEMS Linux 1.5 until it is fixed upstream. Please see the NEMS Linux 1.5 changelogs for more information.