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Nems 1.5 cloud cost - Premium - 11-14-2018

Hello Robbie

First of all thank you for your great work !

Can you give us an indication of how much the function "cloud" will cost.
We would like to monitor 5 of our customers.

sincerely from switzerland

Premium | Levin

RE: Nems 1.5 cloud cost - Robbie Ferguson - 11-19-2018

Hi Premium,
All NEMS OSB accounts will be upgraded to NEMS Cloud at no extra charge. So what you see now as the price to have off-site backup for 5 devices will be the same as will be the cost for NEMS Cloud for 5 devices, however it will include not just the off-site backup, but also the NEMS Cloud Dashboard.

It's on the Patreon page where you will find the pricing.

Let me know if you have any trouble tracking it down.


RE: Nems 1.5 cloud cost - Premium - 11-27-2018

good to hear.

Is the nems tv dashboard already integrated in the 1.5?

Premium | Levin

RE: Nems 1.5 cloud cost - Robbie Ferguson - 11-27-2018

NEMS TV Dashboard is part of NEMS 1.5, yes. Are you referring to the cloud version though? The cloud functionality will be introduced at a later time (but 1.5 is setup to utilize it). So the cloud version won't be available right away, but if you opt in to using it, you will be able to access it once it is live (with a valid subscription).

RE: Nems 1.5 cloud cost - Premium - 11-28-2018

Oh well, okay. It would only come into question for us if we could monitor it via the cloud function.
Do you know approximately in which quarter of 2019 this will be?

Kind regards

Premium | Levin

RE: Nems 1.5 cloud cost - Robbie Ferguson - 11-28-2018

While it could be as late as Q2, I'm aiming for Q1 2019.
How many NEMS servers do you need to connect? If it's just one, you can access it by opening a port in your firewall and pointing it to port 80 on your NEMS server. Of course, make sure you have a good strong password first.

RE: Nems 1.5 cloud cost - Premium - 12-03-2018

At the beginning we want to test it with 5 servers
If that works well then it would be 10 in the long term.

Then we wait anxiously what the year 2019 brings :)
Thank you again for your great work Robbie !

Levin | Premium

RE: Nems 1.5 cloud cost - Robbie Ferguson - 12-03-2018

Thanks Levin, I appreciate the praise :)

Yes, based on your setup, the NEMS Cloud will be the best option for monitoring.

Keep in mind the NEMS Cloud system is "read only" - it will allow you to see an overview/status of all your NEMS servers, but does not allow you to interact with them directly. The NEMS Alias is used to point you to which NEMS server is reporting the problems, and then you have to either login to that NEMS server to acknowledge the issue as per normal, or just fix the problem and let NEMS do its thing.

NEMS Cloud will essentially be an enhanced version of NEMS TV Dashboard which allows monitoring of several NEMS servers from one tactical overview. NEMS Cloud will also include NEMS Migrator Off-Site Backup.

This, obviously, is in line with my commitment to exceptional privacy and security.