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Pi 4 - mmastin - 06-26-2019

I am currently running V1.3 on a 3b, and I have some buffer issues with larger 1080 files, Now that the 4b is out and the new CPU is better suited for trans coding including 4K, I am interested in moving my server to a 4b.  Just wondering will there be a new version of Plex-Pi for the 4b, or should I just install V1.3 on it?

RE: Pi 4 - rollasoc - 06-30-2019

I'd be interested to know this too.  My Pi 3 is struggling with some of my recent files.

RE: Pi 4 - clarkdv - 07-01-2019

The Pi 4 will only run Debian Buster, so I don't think v1.3 of PlexPi will even run on it. My understanding is that they'd have to release a version that's on Buster for the 4 to work. I might be wrong.

RE: Pi 4 - mesalman - 08-05-2019


Did you manage to run plexpi on pi4?
If yes, how id it go. Does larger files are better on pi4?