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Dupplicated "advanced-services" after restoring 1.4.1 backup on 1.5 build 2

Hi gents,

ive seen that after restoring my 1.4.1 backup file on a 1.5 Build 2 installation that i got some dupplicated advanced-services which are named for example "Memory Usage_2"

Is this allready a known "issue"?

I attached a screenshot of my advanced-services list after the restore.

Yes i can reproduce this behaviour and so far iv'e seen it only occures at the advanced-services.

This occured on a Raspberry Pi 3B+, havent tested it on any other so far.

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Hi IMBACalimba,
Unfortunately I didn't see this before releasing 1.5, so it'll be part of Build 6 if it's indeed an issue.

I'll have to do some testing, and if it is indeed a restore issue, I can expect to hear from some long-time users. Though you're the first to mention it and many people were testing, so strange thing.

It won't affect new users since they won't be restoring a backup, but I'm quite interested to know what caused this, and also I'd like to know if it was just a one-off issue, or if you are able to repeat it. If it is recurring, please provide me a copy of your NEMS 1.4.1 support.nems file if possible. If not, the backup.nems file will have to do.

Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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