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Change notification intervals/options globally

Hi all,

Is there an way to change the notifications globally?

Unsure if I did this correctly but when I set up the first host, I set the check/intervals and then cloned the configured host for all of the new hosts.

How do you all set up your notifications? I want to fine tune it. We are not running a 24/7 operation but at the same time we don't want to receive too many notifications.

This is what is currently set up on mine.
max check attempts        30          number of times to retry checking
check interval            30         number of [min.] between regularly scheduled checks
retry interval            1         number of [min.] to wait before scheduling a re-check
first notification delay    5         number of [min.] to wait before sending the first notification
notification interval        120         number of [min.] to wait before re-notifying a contact
notification options        d,u,r,f,s     possible values: d,u,r,f,s,[n]
active checking                     do active checking of hosts
passive checking                 do passive checking of hosts
notification enabled                 send notifications for hosts
check freshness                     check age of last check results
freshness threshold                 age threshold in [sec.]

Thank you,
Hi Stealth81

I'm not sure what you mean.. 
But if I understand it correctly, the option "notification period" could help you
You can find them in the ninth line in the host configuration.
There you have a dropdown with 3 options.
 - 24x7
 - none
 - workhours

To configure these more exactly you can find in the main menu under "Additional Items -> Timeperiods"


You can configure the notification Interval globally as well.
"Main menu -> Advanced Items -> Host templates"
Then add the hosts to the template

I hope I could help you, and otherwise tell us


Levin | Premium
Thank you Premium, you've answered my question :)

I didn't think you could use the host templates to add intervals.
You're welcome
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