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Error in commands notify-service-by-telegram and notify-host-by-telegram

Hi @lonehorse first of all thanks for your help

I have 2 questions regarding what you have written.

Quote:Make note of the Token you receive in return.  This is what you'll use for the "Your Bot" field in NEMS System Settings Tool (must add 'bot' before the token). 

If i understand this right i have to fill into the Field "Your Bot" my API key and in front of it "bot" so combined it looks something like this "bot12345:xyz54321xxxXXXxxx" is this correct?

Quote:Look for 'chat":{"id":'.   The id will be something like -12345678910. This is what you'll use for the Chat ID.  

Do i have to fill in this ID with or without the minus "-" in the beginning? For example should i fill into the "Telegram Chat ID" field, this "-123454321" or this "123454321"?

Sorry for those stupid questions but so far i tried it in different ways and i could not getting it to work so im trying to find the where i made a mistake but so far i had no luck :-/
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