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check_mk experiences on raspi?

Hi Don,
You're confusing the relationship between Check_MK and Nagios (technically, Nagios Core's web interface, not Nagios). Check_MK would be comparable to Adagios, not Nagios.

Whether Check_MK or Adagios (or NEMS for that matter), it's still Nagios under the hood. These interfaces are essentially how you configure and interact with Nagios (the daemon).

Generally, what we would consider "Nagios" on all these systems (NEMS, Check_MK, Nagios Core, Adagios) is the daemon that monitors your assets. The magic behind-the-scenes. The web interfaces however (NEMS Dashboard, NEMS NConf, NEMS SST, Check_MK, Nagios Core, Adagios) are just how we interact with it.

NEMS used to feature Check_MK Multi-site. It was pulled due to the direction the author took with the project. NEMS now features Adagios instead.

NEMS still uses Check_MK livestatus socket under the hood. This powers NEMS TV Dashboard, NEMS Warning Light, NEMS Mobile UI, NEMS Webhooks and more.

LOL, I hope all this rambling helps :D
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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