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Error in commands notify-service-by-telegram and notify-host-by-telegram

Hi Robbie,

You have in fact already done most of the work, but probably forgotten about it!

To start with: in /usr/local/bin you have now a script called telegram_nems.lua which is a modified version of my original script called telegram_nagios.lua.
The new script takes two additional arguments: the bot (arg[1] and the chat_id arg[2]. 
The bot and the chat_id are now stored in the resource.cfg as $USER11$ and $USER12$.

In Nconf however you have still the old command line: (This is for notify-host-by telegram, notify-service-by telegram is similar)


so this should be changed to:


That should do it.

Sorry about not responding to the previous message, I must have overlooked it.

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