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Fixed - Issues with NEMS update causing stats not to work.

Thanks so much man! Fixed, and patch rolled out.

It took 3 patches to make everything work:

Fix legacy support (so it'd update the correct location): https://github.com/Cat5TV/nems-scripts/c...6750f1461e

Fix a simple typo that was erroring out when detecting whether NEMS 1.3 file locations were in use: https://github.com/Cat5TV/nems-scripts/c...62570037cb

Fix a typo where I was telling the script to create the correct symlink on NEMS 1.2.x only if the symlink already exists - LOL. Changed it to create it when it doesn't exist! https://github.com/Cat5TV/nems-scripts/c...b4e7a027ae

Again - thank you. Since this has been rolled out to all users, their NEMS 1.2.x servers will automatically fix themselves in 3 runs of nems-update (3 days normally). This is because it first has to update itself to receive the patches above (day 1) then it has to run those patches (day 2) and then it has to operate in its fixed state (day 3).

Users wishing to expedite the fix may instead type:

sudo nems-update
sudo nems-update
sudo nems-update

Big Grin
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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