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OS icon and statusmap images

Hi everybody,

In NConf i can see eight OS descriptions already created each with a gif image and a .gd2 file associated. By example the FreeBSD OS has got base/freebsd40.gif as icon and base/freebsd.gd2 as statusmap image.

Question: Can i add new images to use when I create new OS descriptions? (i can´t find the base/ directory where the images should go). Maybe a basic question but i can´t find that directory.
I have updated and added some OS image files.  Take a look in:

Sure. You'd need to submit your pull requests: https://github.com/Cat5TV/nems-www/tree/...ios_themes

On your NEMS filesystem, this is found in /var/www/html/share/nagios_themes - but don't edit them there directly (as you will break the git connection and make it so your NEMS server no longer gets updates). You're better to fork, then move the official nems-www, then clone your own, then edit, then PR, then restore.  :)

If that's not doable, just post a ZIP with the images here in the forum as a feature request and I'll push it out as soon as I can.
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