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Credentials not working through SSH

Hi guys, have just set up nems 1.3 on my rpi - however the nemsadmin & nemsadmin credentials are not working. I am connecting through Putty/SSH. Does snyome encounter the same probs?

UPdate on this - tried the same with two different pis in different locations from a machine with English keyboard and a machine with a german keyboard layout. Access via the German keyboard always fails although typed in correctly.

Any thoughts on this?
Hi, nomax. Did it work with the english keyboard?

Did you already run nems-init?
Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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Hi Rob,

In AU with the English keyboard (from a Debian system) it does work, could log in and run nems-init without any issues.

In Germany, access from none of the Windows machines work with nemsadmin. Could not run nems-init therefore.
Found some common error descriptions about deactivating GSSAPI in Putty’s authentication - still no success.

Interesting thing, I tried to ‘proxy’ the request through some of my other Rpis - Putty to a Pi and then sshing into NEMS - still no luck.

It seems like it’s leading always to Access denied on this setup.
Seems to be more of a client side problem - I have created an image of the NEMS installation (configured, have executed nems-init and created a new user) on card here in AU and transferred it to Germany - same problem with 100% correct credentials.

Other images, such as raspbian, Dietpi, etc. work without problems.
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