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restore problems

I have restore my NEMS 1.3.1 from backup because i have sd problem that stop my raspberry pi3 b+ random.
I have follow all the step in documentation but i had this error:
1) file cgi.cfg was not updated and i have to edit manually
2) No more custom icons on nagios map, i have to restore from the old sd.
3) no more mail config , but when i try to change on SST i found that is impossible to put a username without domain for SMTP mail config, yes can be a simple username not only a mail address.

Many other problem there is about some plug-in missing, because the nems backup dont save. Is normal to have some extra plug-in in nagios.

After i have run NCONF for make some changes and destroy all my Nagios MAP, no more icons, and messy. I have run again the restore procedure and now is correct again.
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