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Fan Speed Control Utility

After viewing LinuxTechShow published on YouTube on 4/20/2018; I've purchased a NESPI Case+ for my pi 3B+ with Retropie installed. This case is truly awesome first and foremost but I do have a question on the fan I've installed.

Following the installation of the fan I've noticed that it is running at full speed constantly while the system is running. This is fine when there are other sounds masking the sound; however when I'm in the regular EmulationStation interface it becomes quite annoying. 

Is there a "apt-get install" utility I can run from an ssh session that will automatically adjust the fan speed based on CPU temperature/usage? Also it would need to start as a service when the system is powered on and run as a background process.  I'm looking for a script that will just work as I'm not a coder by trade. But if not can someone provide a step by step (noob-style) procedure for getting this up and running?

Thanks in advance for any assistance or guidance.
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