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4.1: notify-service-by-pushover and notify-host-by-pushover not showing in NConf

Hey Robbie,

I had the chance to update my nems-linux box to 4.1. It was pretty straight forward on installing and then restoring the backup. However, there is an issue with the pushover components that I am seeing.  For some reason, I am not seeing notify-by-pushover or notify-host-by-pushover in my contacts within Nconf. If I do a search on the box via ssh, I am seeing the PHP file. 

sudo find / -name "notify-*"

I restored from my 1.3 backup and wondering if this caused an issue with it not showing in nConf. nConf shows 4.1

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Because you've migrated from 1.3, the default check_commands and notification commands will all be from 1.3.

How big is your config? I can patch it for you to also include 1.4's commands, if you like.

This will be improved in NEMS 1.5, but unfortunately there's no quickfix yet for 1.4.x. I will roll one out, but am too busy with NEMS 1.5 development at the moment.

If you would like me to patch your backup file, login to your NEMS 1.3 system and create a support.nems file for me.

Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

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Hi Robbie,

Thanks for the reply. I decided to just start from fresh as I really only had one host configured.  Thanks for offering to patch it though. I was just bringing this up in case it was a bug.
Thanks. Yes, that's why I'd asked how large your setup was... since you only have one, it's best to just create a new config under 1.4.1.

It's not a "bug" per se: you imported your configuration from 1.3, so as expected, you then end up with the configuration from 1.3.

I will indeed make it more intuitive though, as a feature improvement (not bug fix) to try to better reconcile between old configs so you are still able to tap into the new check_commands, and so-on.

I added it to the to-do list. Doubt it'll get into 1.5 at release, but perhaps sometime during the 1.5 support cycle.

Robbie Ferguson // The Bald Nerd

Did I help you out? Appreciate what I do? Please consider saying thanks:
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