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How to configure NEMS Linux monitoring via WMI


Forgive me if i'm being a total noob, however I'm having issues understanding how to configure Nconf to report via WMI. My intent is to monitor various devices within a Windows domain.

  • Platform: RPI
  • NEMS Linux version: 1.5
  • NEMS Build number: Build 6

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Hello farrys12

I am working on a manual. Unfortunately I will not finish this week. :/

It is important that you make in the "NEMS System Settings Tool" the entry in Windows Domain Access.
Then you can add the group "windows-server" to a host. Chapter "host template (s)"
Hey Premium,

Many thanks for getting back to me. 

That's not a problem as I'm in no major rush. Can you let know where this manual is going posted when its finished?

I have already filled in the Windows Domain Access fields within the Nems System Settings Tool. 
Template "Windows Server" has also already been applied to my test host entry.
Premium - that's awesome. When you're done, would you be willing to contribute it and I'll add it to the official docs?
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I'll let you know where to find them.

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Hi farrys12

I currently have a lot of work so I do not have enough time to document
Did you already set it up?
Hi Premium,

I have already added the setup you mentioned in the previous post, however I'm still stuck trying to get nconf setup via WMI.
Do you get an error message?

P.s look at the pages 2-7 , It is important that the permissions and the firewall rules are correct
WMI Configure https://assets.nagios.com/downloads/nagi...1539942291
I applied the the following advanced services (directly linked) with Nconf to my test Windows computer with the following error messages: 

 Uptime : connect to address (IP address/DNS Name) and port 12489: Connection refused
 Memory Usage : connect to address (IP address/DNS Name) and port 12489: Connection refused
 CPU Load : connect to address (IP address/DNS Name) and port 12489: Connection refused
 Current Users :  USERS OK - 0 users currently logged in (This is a false reading as i'm currently logged into this computer)
Total Processes : PROCS OK: 52 processes with STATE = RSZDT

From my understanding port 12489 is used for the NSclient ++ agent installed on the local machine, however is there way to configure NEMS to only monitor via WMI?

Regarding the link you sent, within our network the Firewall profile "domain" is disabled on all machines, so there's little chance this a firewall based issue.  

Also to note in the section "Adding Remote WMI Access" & "Adding Remote Activation Privilege to Windows DCOM", I'm using our domain admin credentials in "Windows Domain Access" fields within the Nems System Settings Tool. By default the local security group "administrators" is added by default to both security options, this in turn means the Admin credentials I added will authorize access (Please see security authorization process below).

Is domain account  "administrator" within Domain Security Group "Domain admins"? > Yes >  Is the Domain Security Group "domain admins" within the Local Security Group "Administrators" on the target machine? > Yes > Access granted.

Hope that makes sense and many thanks for your assistance.
Sorry if the above was information overload, the short answer is the credentials used have permission on the local machine and firewall is down.

So far have I set this up correctly? Nagios is a pretty steep learning curve and I'm worried I may have overlooked something.
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