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Windows client not showing in NEMS

Morning - another 'newbie' question!

First, Robbie - thanks for your previous help; the build I'd downloaded was corrupt somehow, and I was able to re-flash ver 1.5, build 6; seems to be running fine.

So - I've added a Windows client to NEMS. I can ping back & forth; when I run a check_nrpe to the client, it responds "seem to be doing fine" - so I know I have connectivity & a client listening on Windows.

However, I can't see that client in Nagios - in Adagios, in Core - only shows NEMS. I can see the client in NCONF. 

I've added the define host & define services stanzas in windows.cfg, restarted Nagios service - no good.

Any ideas? 

"ver 1.5, build 6" - for Raspberry Pi? That is an old build. Please install Build 7 instead.

What do you mean you edited windows.cfg? Guessing whatever you mean by this is entirely wrong - there are no .cfg files on NEMS that are user-editable.

In NConf, setup what you want, then press "Generate Nagios Config". I think that's the step you're missing.
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