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Multiple contact groups

I'm running NEMS on a VM.
Version 1.5

I am tracking hundreds of devices and I would like to create multiple contact groups so that I can have certain contacts receive notifications on specific equipment.  I have tried this multiple ways with no success.  In all tests everyone continues to get email notifications even though I have just the one contact group assigned to the device.
Hallo Rkadmin

Do you have contacts in the admin group?

Levin | Premium
Model : Raspberry Pi 3 +
Version : 1.5
Build : 8
I do have contacts in the admin group.  I have tried removing the admin group and just using the new one I made and then no emails are sent.
I was able to figure out my issue.  The "default" contacts group doesn't need assigned to any hosts for it to work.  What I did was create multiple new contact groups and disabled the "default" one.  This allowed me to be able to assign one or more contact groups to any one device.  I have tested this and it works.  If anyone has any issues similar to this I can assist.
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