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NEMS TV Dashboard issue

A few days ago I installed NEMS Linux (current version 1.5.1) on RPi 3B+ and added one Linux device and one Windows PC in the configuration. Added 2 services to monitor free space on 2 disks (C and D) on this Windows PC, set warning to 80% and critical to 90% for both.
Everything is working fine, TV Dashboard is showing everything green (12/12 Services), but if the free space on disk D is over 90%, the TV Dashboard does not show one service in red, but switches to show only 11 Services 11/11 green). I suppose this is not the desired functionality. I would expect it to show me one service in red and 11/12 green. In the Adagios overview is everything as expected - one service red and 11 green.
Am I missing anything here or is it a bug?

Thank you!
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