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516 - Sasha's Computer Build

The Vision:
Build a super-sleek computer as wedding/birthday gift for Sasha's soon-to-be hubby.

The Budget:
Up  to around $2,100 CAD (Roughly $1,700 USD)
NOTE: Interested in helping increase Sasha's budget? Send a contribution via our Tip Jar and mark it for Sasha's Computer Build.


Hardware Criteria:
  1. Full-sized Tower is fine.
  2. Needs HDMI output for existing 4K 60" TV.
  3. Fast and future ready.
  4. Chassis should be very sleek/beautiful. LED's, visual appeal.
  5. Chassis must have top or front USB 3.x ports.
  6. RAID 1 for file storage, SSD for OS.
  7. Linux compatible.
  8. Wireless keyboard and mouse.
Possible Criteria:
  1. Able to handle the future addition of VR goggles (such as Oculus Rift).
  1. A Linux OS that is not too far of a stretch for a Windows user, but is sleek enough to impress guests with its flashy features.
  2. Kodi video playback up to 4K.
Other Notes:
  1. Does not need a monitor: will use the existing 4K 60" TV.
Shopping List (Subject To Change Based on Viewer Suggestions):
  1. CPU: Intel i7 7700K ($404.99)
  2. Motherboard: ASUS ROG Maximus IX Formula ATX Motherboard ($487.99)
  3. RAM: ? Want Kingston
  4. SSD: ? Want Kingston - possibly M.2?
  5. HDD: ? Possibly RAID 1
  6. PSU: ? Want Thermaltake
  7. Chassis: Thermaltake Versa C22 Snow Edition ($79.47)
  8. Graphics Card: ? Want nVidia
  9. Keyboard/Mouse: MonkeyJack Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard & Mouse ($36.99)
  10. Fan Controller: ?
  11. CPU Cooler: ? Possibly LCS such as Thermaltake Water 3.0

Total: $1,009.44

Please post your suggestions, recommendations, and discussion.
Robbie Ferguson, Host
Category5 Technology TV
I'm open to any/all suggestions...this will be a real team build for us all!
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