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The initial launch of our Plex channel was developed by NateUK back in 2015, and sat in a beta state for 2 years before suddenly breaking.

In December, 2017, I began receiving reports from viewers that the channel was "not responding".

And so begins my new quest to maintain the Plex channel! Smile

The Channel:

I've already made some changes that take it to version 1.1. Please re-download and test.

I've also added installation instructions since that was also "Coming soon" for 2 years - hahaha (I'm terrible!)

Thanks all! Please post your results here as a central place to communicate.

Current state (December 15, 2017) is that the menu should now load. I don't think the videos load yet, but I'm close to figuring it out (this is all new code to me).

I think it would be great for me to do this, once I've "completed" development on the Plex channel:
Just released 1.2, which should work.
1.3 has released, which now includes some of our other shows, plus the clips of LinuxTechShow.
1.4 has been released which fixes the thumbnails for each show.
1.5 is out. A bit more complete (details page).
Thanks Robbie,

I've been viewing archived episodes through the website and have finally binged and caught up to current episodes (kidding)..  I was wondering how to connect to the kodi live strean (you don't ever say what the hls m3u8 stream link is?   A plex channel would work for me as well.. Just an FYI,  Plex labs is introducing plexamp (music centric player. Great for me as I primarily use plex as my audio server.)

I've updated to 1.3 nems (love your changes to the initial setup (incorporated email notification walk through.  etc).  Thanks man!
Nice, thanks mpacey!

Yeah, you can install our Plex or Kodi channel from

Enjoy  Smile
I cant seem to get your Plex plugin to work so that I can view the channels in plexpass. I have tried following the instructions in your videos and have set it up as far as I can see properly. I have tried in plex under freenas, I have also tried it this evening on a Windows10 box. In both cases the plugin itself does not show up in Plex. Any ideas why? I don't see add channels option at all. Your advice and guidance would be welcomed.

First off, Channels is now called Plugins. Second, when you rename the folder by removing master you need to make sure you are renaming and moving the category5.bundle that is inside the category5.bundle folder. There is a nested folder for some reason. Move the renamed subfolder. Ensure you place it in (on Win 10) C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Plex\PlexMediaServer\Resources\Plug-ins-xxxxxx (not sure if the x’s will match what’s on my PC).

Let us know if you need more assistance.

Bill M