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Full Version: New build coming in the next few days.
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I'd be very appreciative to hear how PlexPi 1.0 is running for you. I'll be building 1.1 in the next few days, implementing all the suggestions / updates so far.

I have downloaded PlexPi from your site. When I try to access PlexPi on LAN the message I receive is can't receive this page. I went into the Pi terminal and looked in the File: /etc/default/plexmediaserver and there is nothing there. 

I tried a few times downloading and installing Plex following your video instructions to the t and had the same results as what I got from the downloaded version of Plex you are offering.

Can you please help and explain why there is nothing in the configuration file?

Thank you
Hey @little1ed
Poor timing: a system update resulted in Plex's configuration system being changed. PlexPi 1.2 will be released March 3rd to correct this - please make sure you download it and re-flash at that time.

PlexPi 1.2 is about to be released! Fixes the external drive issues.

little1ed, when you install it, make sure you go to http://YOURPLEXIP:32400/web