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Full Version: External hdd not showing up
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Thx for the build!!
But is this posible my 2tb hdd is not showing up in my plex.just my raspberry folders.
Greetz Hannes
Don't worry - it's not you, it's them Smile There was an update that broke this, but we're releasing PlexPi 1.2 this weekend and it will work now!

Please watch for PlexPi 1.2 (or later) and re-flash your Pi SD card to get the latest features including the external drive fix!

Thanks for trying PlexPi! I hope it really works well for you!
I will try.
A big thx for the developers!!
This worked perfectly,I was able to set up plex in a matter of minutes with the new 1.2version.
YAY! That's great news Fridayone35! Thanks for letting us know!

dutje - how did it go for you? Same result as Fridayone35 I hope?

Thanks for giving PlexPi a try! I'm encouraged by the seeming desire for it! :)
Same here! V. 1.2 fixed the external drive issue I was having. I flashed the new image I was off and running.
Great! Let me know if you encounter any issues. It's looking like 1.2 may bring us toward an "official" release!
Again A BIG thx !!

I just find that by opening a media file of pic from plexpi from a other computer or smartphone the file need to load quit a bit.
Also from a romote acces it is very slow.

Is expand the file system on the pi maybe a solusion?

thx a lot
(ps: sorry for my bad english)
PlexPi should automatically expand the filesystem on the first boot, but if that fails, you can expand it via the normal means (ie., sudo raspi-config). That shouldn't affect performance though, unless your card is full Smile

You need to make sure your PlexPi uses ethernet, not WiFi, and try to use reasonable resolution videos considering the limitations of the Pi 3. For example, 720p or 1080p files are fine, but 4K might push it to its limits and take longer to load.

I hope it works great for you!

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