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Full Version: Unable to load latest update to Plex Server software
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I am running PLEXPI version 1.2 and it is working fine. I tried to load the latest PLEX Server software update and it failed to load.
How did you go about doing this? Eg., SSH? Web interface?

I haven't yet written any documentation for PlexPi... but I may be wise to disable its integrated "check for update" features... they update quite frequently and it could prove annoying to users to see that warning, and I can just update it in the background via cronjob.

Let me know.
that might happen as perhaps you didn't use
sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt dist-upgrade

I used both the Plex web interface and SSH. They came back with same message that I had run out of space needed to complete the upgrade.
Everything else is working great.

Love your shows.

hmm, did you already use the plex? if so you might also be running into the problem i am experiencing atm, that the transcoding files for plex clog the entire raspberrypi
Oh - out of space? I wonder if your card didn't expand correctly during first boot.

Please SSH to the PlexPi and type:
sudo df -h

Paste the output here. How big is your SD card?
@wizerdo please create a new thread for your issue.