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Full Version: Newbie Question 2
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I’m super new to raspberry pi & have tons of questions, but I’ll try to limit them here, but since you all have been so awesome to create plexpi, I wanted to get some expert opinion.

Plexpi is great, but I’d also like to have an way to get to my data files too, such as owncloud and have it available via the internet. Should I run plex and owncloud on different raspberry pis or could I use the same raspberry pi for both purpose simultaneously?

If it can be done together, what is the best resource to help me learn how to do this?

Best Regards,
Hmm, well, I guess I could add OwnCloud to PlexPi... I could see that being helpful for some users. Though even just having Samba sharing of the storage might be good so people can add videos through smb....

Open to suggestions/thoughts. I wouldn't suggest making the changes yourself only because you'll lose those changes when the next version of PlexPi comes out (or be forced to hold yourself back from the great features I have planned for it).

Lemme know.


Thanks for the help. This is how I created the mess with plexpi 1.2 (see other question) I was following instructions to try to add owncloud myself, including the “sudo update & upgrade” commands. ?? Do you have an episode where you all have dealt with this? Or could you point me to a good resource?

Thanks in advance!! 

P.S. Part of my goal is to learn raspberry pi and master the terminal, so there is a certain desire to just start playing.
"Playing" ... and also breaking is all part of the fun!

No, I haven't done a feature on OwnCloud as of yet. I imagine there's no reason I couldn't include it in PlexPi - it just may cause some confusion for novice Linux users with regards to hard drives.

Are you experienced with Debian Linux? PlexPi is based on that, so Debian is a very good place to start if you want to learn the terminal.

KI am not experienced with Debian, but I will start working toward learning it.
So just know that at its heart, PlexPi is Debian. So much of the things you learn on Debian (eg., how to setup fstab and cifs-utils to auto-mount a NAS share) are doable on PlexPi... which by the way is a great way to put your library on a server  Smile

Have fun! Keep an image handy so you can re-flash if things break.