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Full Version: I just installed it and testing a The_Mummy.mkv 1080p.
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I installed it on a 8GB and used a 64GB USB stick. I put the video on that.

I did not think it could play good and I am right.

On the Raspberry Pi 3 it just stop and starts a lot.

Looks like it works a little on over Ethernet to my Windows 10 it will play about 5 sec. Then pause and start were it left off and it keeps doing that.

I thought it would use the GPU in the CPU in the Raspberry Pi 3. I looked at setting, server, Transcoder. But it don't have any "Use hardware acceleration when available" it that works I bet it world work super good then.

I hope can add that.

-Raymond Day
It works very good with 384 by 244 with 24 FPS over the Ethernet to another PC.

-Raymond Day