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Full Version: PLEX Agent and Scanner
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I succesfully installed PlexPI 1.2 but I'd like also to install the Plex Agent and Scanner available from Media Center Master since all my videos have already metadata in the respective folders and no need to rely on the scrapers from Plex.
May you provide instructions of the Plex folder where to copy this add-on?
Do you have a link to the add-on? Sounds interesting and perhaps something I could include in a future build for you.

Let me know.

Hi Robbie,
you can find the addon here:
in the Download section.

I'd like to give it a try.
Awesome, thanks. I'll have a look.

In the meantime, upgrade your PlexPi to PlexPi 1.3. Then, it looks like you can just unzip their zip file (the non-Windows one) to /home/pi/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server

Let me know how it goes.
May you write down the commands to upgrade to PI 1.3?
I'm not quite familiar with Linux OS.
At the moment, you have to download the new img and re-flash your SD card (losing any settings you've created). When PlexPi is out of this development / testing phase (ie., when I build the web site and release it officially) the process will be better.  Smile
Hi Robbie,
I copied the plugin in the path you specified and it works perfectly in Plex.
Thanks again for your support.
Great! Thanks for the update. Enjoy your wee PlexPi server!