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Just got this email....
***** Nagios *****

Notification Type: PROBLEM

Service: Swap Usage
Host: Nagios Enterprise Monitoring Server

Date/Time: Thu Mar 29 00:05:25 PDT 2018

Additional Info:

SWAP CRITICAL - 0% free (0 MB out of 976 MB)

I power cycled and it now shows 100% free (976MB out of 976MB).

What caused this and is there a setting I need to change?
I'd suggest just removing Swap from your Linux Servers group.

It's not accurate on a Pi because Pi only has 1 GB RAM and we don't allow it to swap to the SD card. So when RAM gets full, it takes a moment to compress the RAM (thereby creating swap via ZRAM) and hence the Nagios warning.

It's not a warning to worry about at all. The RAM / ZRAM (and thereby swap) are managed by the system... but because of the Pi's lousy RAM specs, you do end up hitting the cap every now and again  Smile

Tired of waiting for a Pi 4, I'll continue working on porting NEMS Linux to the ODROID XU4  Big Grin

Thanks, Robbie!  I found where the swap setting is and nuked it.

If you've got a moment could you please check back in on my "Not all Services sending emails" thread?  I've only ever gotten one email from the router service.
Yeah, no problem - checking that one too  Smile
Hey Robbie,

I am not trying to hijack a thread here, but I was wondering if you could take a look at a post I made 10 days ago about getting a 404 when running to the URL for creating a backup.nems file. I haven't saw any replies and saw that you were responding to others. I'm sure it was an unintentional oversight. Can you take a look at your earliest convenience to see what you think.
Hey panda2297, no problem - I understand. Though you could have just bumped your own thread.

Yes, I must have missed it, which I do tend to do... I do my absolute best to provide the best level of support I can, and apologize if I missed something (and I'm sure this happens more often than I'd like).

Looking for the thread and will reply within.


Robbie and Toni: I'm having the same 'swap critical' error message.  Where would I find the swap setting, and what should I do to avoid receiving these messages?

Thanks in advance from a new user!
What version of NEMS are you using?
I'm using version 1.4.1
If you SSH to your NEMS server, do you get any errors when you type:

sudo nems-update
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