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Full Version: Setting up new users for Nagios core web interface
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I have just installed NEMS to try and it looks really useful so far! 
One issue I am having is I don't seem to be able to set up a user for the NEMS Nagios Core web interface. 
I have set up a user called "itadmin", this user has been added to htpasswd.users (/etc/nagios3/) (using htpasswd command) and I have edited cgi.cfg (manually) appending this user to the parameter wherever the working user is in this file. 
I have rebooted, checking the user is still listed in the above files ... But when I go to the hostname/nagios3/ I can't login with this new user, any ideas what I am doing wrong? 

I have been able to set this user up for Nag_vis.

Hi David,
Welcome to NEMS! Glad you're finding it useful so far.

First up, don't edit cgi.cfg... you'll break things :) NEMS purposefully removes the ability to edit config files. If you edit them, you will lose changes and/or have other issues.

You should be clicking "Contacts" in NEMS NConf to add your users. Let me know if you have any trouble after generating your config. Should be pretty self-explanatory from there.

Better documentation for this type of thing is coming over the next quarter.

Thanks Robbie

I have added a user through contacts, but this doesn't give me the option of setting a password. The user (another admin) is unable to log into NConf with either null password. Is this the correct way to set up a seconf administrator user?
Hmm, I think I understand what you're wanting to do. Are you saying you want NEMS to be a multi-user environment? Perhaps this is an oversight or even naive of me, but I've never given any thought to this ability (which it is not currently capable of). You could hack up the user system to make it multi-user, but it'll break during an update.

If I'm right about your intent, do you want me to add "Multi-User Environment" to the to-do list as a feature request?
Yes we need this feature please.
jjfl1 please open a new thread rather than bumping this old one, and detail the features you need.