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Full Version: How to Configure Event_Handler in host config?
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Hi there,

Is it possible to configure event handlers in Nagios3 using Nconf in NEMS?

I've looked through the Nagios3 documentation and I need to specify the event_handler directive in the host configuration which is not shown.
Has anyone done this and if so how?

Any help is appreciated.
I believe you're looking for Advanced Services in NEMS NConf.

I'm going to be working very hard on the docs during the 1.4 release cycle, so I'd love to hear an update on what you get going as it would be a very good tutorial to include in the documentation.

Hi Robbie,

I'm not sure that the Advanced Service is what I need. I need to add the event_handler option to an existing host configuration.

The Nagios Event Handler documentation is located here.

In the host configuration I have to enable event_handler_enabled

Also, global event handlers must be enabled in the main Nagios.conf file.

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks for your prompt reply.
Thanks mcornhill.
How urgently do you need this functionality? Would you be willing to work with me on implementing it (eg., be a beta tester for the feature)? I do not currently have this functionality implemented, but would be happy to work it into NEMS - perhaps in time for the 1.4 release next month if all goes well.

Let me know. In the meantime, I've added it to the to-do list in the docs.

Hi Robbie,

This is not urgent however I'm keen to enable this functionality so I can run a script to restart my VM's if they stop.

I would be happy to work with you on testing this setup.

Thanks for your offer of support.
I'm looking for the same option. Have there been any progress in this development?
I also have an VM host which is failing every now and then. I would like to call a custom-made script when the host is down to automatic start the VM host again.

Regards Mikael