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Full Version: NEMS 1.4 Development and Community Support
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Hi everyone,
Just a heads up that I will be very heavily involved in developing NEMS Linux 1.4 over the next 3-4 weeks. Please expect I will be slow or entirely unable to reply to community support requests.

If your issue is not urgent, please hold tight until after 1.4 is released and the dust settles, or request help from the community here if you prefer - just that I personally will not be available.

If your issue is urgent and you are a Patron, please message me on that platform.

If you are not a Patron but want priority support or to be able to follow along with the development (and other "behind the scenes" excitement) please be sure to become a Patron.

Thanks all. See you after the 1.4 release next month.

Hey all! NEMS 1.4 is out, and I'm back!

PHEW, what a wild ride that was to re-write NEMS from the ground up and build a brand new, smoking hot new version!

Hope ya'll enjoy. I look forward to helping you with any issues you may have. And of course, if in doubt, make sure you're on the latest and greatest version of NEMS ... 1.4.