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Full Version: Samba file share not working
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Hi there, 
I can't get samba to work on the Plexpi build.
I want to share my media and also be able to copy remotely to my usb drive attached. 
I tried all the forums and instruction there is for the RPi raspbian builds. 
Nothing works. 
I'm using the latest build 1.3 Plexpi for RPi 3B.
+1 for me.  I have a Seagate USB3 drive connected to an Asus router with Samba share.  I have it mapped on a Netbook running LXLE (lightweight Linux distro) and it works great with Plex.

Here is the command I used on the Netbook:

sudo mount -t cifs -o username=username,password=password //routerip/sharename /media/sharename

I also placed an entry in the /etc/fstab to mount the share on reboot.

I can't get the share working on the RPi3 with PlexPi using the commands above.  Some forums are pointing to a Samba package update causing an issue.
Thanks for the reference!  I was able to resolve the mount issue by adding "vers=1.0" to the options.  It seems to be working now.