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Full Version: NEMS 1.4 ODROID
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Hi Robbie, I've eagerly been waiting to test Nems on ODROID XU4. But I can only find 1.4 image for Raspberry pi not ODROID. Is the ODROID version still not released ?
Hi shoaibz,
As per the changelog for NEMS 1.4...

Release Dates:

June 10, 2018 - NEMS 1.4 for Raspberry Pi 3/3B+. [ACHIEVED]
June 17, 2018 - NEMS 1.4 official support for Raspberry Pi Zero W (no new image).
June 24, 2018 - NEMS 1.4 official support for Raspberry Pi 2 (no new image).
July 8, 2018 - NEMS 1.4 for ODROID XU4.

Can't wait!!!!!!

Between you and me, it'll probably be out sooner. Nudge me again if you want to encourage this :)

Once released, it'll be up on the NEMS Linux site.

Thanks for the update Smile Keep up the good work
Thanks!! :)
Update... The XU4 has been assembled and is awaiting its first image for testing.... OOOOOH!

Now... if I can find my emmc adapter........ :P
Awesome news....... Big Grin
I'll be glad to test things out for you, if you need an extra hand Smile
:) Thanks! The compiling on the XU4 (I started working on it today) is going very well. Just running some tests and making good progress. I'm very confident that I'll meet the proposed release date... at least, so far so good.
Ahh good good good.....can't wait Smile
Hey Robbie, any news?
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