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Full Version: Enable 'External Commands'
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I need to be able to enable 'external commands' for Nagios core. I did this when I created a 'core' Nagios install for my Pi but I don't know if I go thru the same steps, would it 'break' this distro/config?
...found answer in the following:

Doesn't seem to 'break' anything and I'm now able to send 'custom' (test) alerts and 'enable/disable' notifications like I needed. 

Robbie, can we 'enable' this in the NEMS v1.4 build? ...I think most users would want this turned on/agree?
This would break the API, Adagios, and several other features of NEMS that use Check_MK Livestatus. If you're exclusively using Nagios Core, that's fine... but Nagios Core's interface is pretty bad... the goal with NEMS is to get everyone eventually moved over to Adagios: a much nicer, mobile/responsive layout with easy UI. What you're doing will break that on NEMS.
"...the goal with NEMS is to get everyone eventually moved over to Adagios..." - I cannot change email address of the admin (new) account in Adagios nor get any email alerts to work. I'm able to change the admin (new) account email from 'nagios@local' to mine using NConf. If I try to change the email address of the admin (new) in Adagios, I get the following error "OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/log/nagios/archives'". As well when I change the email address in NConf and then go back to Adagios and send a test email (by choosing 'service' then 'send out email...' from the GUI/icon, I get a generic error message of "error sending mail".
Sorry - I wasn't clear. The EVENTUAL goal is to migrate to Adagios. It is not yet functional and is only an "in testing" feature. Which definitely clarifies to me why you might need External Commands in Core :)

It all stems from the death of Check_MK Multisite. Originally NEMS 1.4 was going to include Multisite (as it has in the past) but I had to pull it and find an alternative (Adagios).

Adagios functionality will become a priority once NEMS 1.4.1 is complete. For now, feel free to change the conf and just be prepared to change it back again (unless you actually prefer to use Core).