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Full Version: Location of Sync Transcode Folder?
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Hello folks,

I just got myself a Plex Pass (w00t) and I was really looking forward to the Mobile Sync feature.

The issue I'm running into is that for every film or TV show I'm trying to sync, I get an error message on iOS stating "The server's disk is almost full (less than..)" which results in no synching happening.

I assume this has to do with the lack of storage on the RPi's SD card, however, I have normally pointed all my Library and Transcode folders to be on the 5TB HDD I have plugged into the Pi.

So I have a feeling there is another folder being used for Sync.

I had a look at [this]( article, which seems to indicate the Sync folder is located at 

    $PLEX_HOME/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Cache/Transcode/Sync/

Which doesn't seem to be the case for me. I have [plexpi]( running on my Pi, meaning the entire OS image was built ready to use. But shouldn't be too different to installing it oneself would be.

Anyone able to tell me where to find the Sync Transcode folder and how to tell Plex to use my external hard drive instead?