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Like or hate the big embedded youtube on show pages?
(03-29-2012, 01:36 PM)Robbie Ferguson Wrote: [ -> ]Like or hate the big embedded youtube on show pages?

Suggestion have a spacer between the youtube video and the image for the episode so they are not touching border wise. Maybe set the show to not autostart.
The image won't be there. It's just garbedygook at the moment.

So what's your answer to the poll? Smile
I said I like it though I still say it would be better to not autostart it or at least offer an option in the user system for users to ethier disable or enable autostart
There's a great idea; cheers.

Autostart as option. Got it.
No problem i figure it would be easy enough to code in and lower speed or unreliable internet connections may not do well with autostart
Yes, because on dialup, I want to go to a web site that exclusively broadcasts an HD TV show Wink

Haha, it's funny that we still have to think about bandwidth as much as we do, but I can't be THAT concerned.
I ment more people who have unreliable internet connections
* Garbee hates autoplay. Period.

Make the play button more prominent, it is so small. <!-- If it is to be kept as is. -->

Nice lightbox effect, but I am trying to debate the usefulness since the site is already dark...
Because Garbee hates it, I think we'll autoplay everything. In fact, we'll have some really distracting elevator music autoplay in the background of every page, with no apparent way to shut it off.

Do we like the darkness of the site?

You can disable lightbox in settings once I write the code to do so Smile
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