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Full Version: Scheduling Downtime
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Hi Robbie,
Yesterday I had the chance to test "Acknowledgement" on Adagios.

I wanted to do some backups of SD cards so rather than schedule an outage I just shutdown a RPi and let NEMS do it's thing.

I used Adagios to do the Acknowledgement of the Host down.

Some things I found.

Nagios Core gave me more information than Adagios.  See Attachment ...32.jpg

I also noticed that NRPE Checks were still showing green while host was down. A timing issue?  see attachment ...12.jpg

I did get an email that told me that I had an acknowledgement of host down.

Not a big think but thought I would let you know.

Yeah, just a timing thing, Ron. Your check to ping the host shows it as offline before the NRPE check occurs, for example. Same behavior can be observed by NEMS TV Dashboard too - If you're watching the Nagios interface, you'll see a slight delay. This is normal behavior... assuming those delays don't last too long :) You can let it sit in an outage state if you'd like to see how long the delay is.
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