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Full Version: NEMS 1.4.1 Static IP address
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I think Cockpit is already replacement for Webmin.

If the primary use for Webmin is the networking stuff, and the network stuff is broken in Webmin (as far as I know it has never worked with NEMS), I am genuinely curious what it is intended to be used for now and what a (potential) replacement needs to do that Webmin now provides.

As I said, personally I use Webmin as a GUI for BIND, and that BIND doesn't fit with Enterprise Monitoring, so it doesn't belong in NEMS, but for my uses, BIND does well on the NEMS server.
Thanks. Yes, I meant to say, Cockpit was added to remove the need for Webmin's terminal mode. So now, I feel as though Webmin is cruft. Thanks for concurring :)

Static IP addresses is the only thing that Webmin did have (in early days of NEMS, which they broke and never fixed)... so I'll get rid of it and create my own UI.

(01-24-2019, 04:20 PM)Robbie Ferguson Wrote: [ -> ]Static IP addresses is the only thing that Webmin did have (in early days of NEMS, which they broke and never fixed)... so I'll get rid of it and create my own UI.


To be fair I think Raspbian broke it, the Webmin team just never patched it to work with the new 'ways' (DHCPCD, which is IMHO, terrible to begin with)

I'm just cheering now because Robbie sees(?) the need to properly implement static IP address support.  ;D  Rather than telling us not to use it, DHCP only..  Wink
Haha, yeah, yeah. :) Don't mistake my careful trodding around "features that will break a n00b's system" for not wanting to support it. My wish to direct people to DHCP is more for the novice user who reads the forum. You and I both know the moment I post steps to creating a Static IP setup, I'll be flooded with support calls for people who broke their entire network :P

But yeah, it's important... it just has to be easy enough for the n00b. That's why I want to make it part of the UI.

(NEMS): Static IP?
(USER):  y
(NEMS): (Checks for current internet access) Do not enable this unless you are sure you need it, we strongly suggest you use DHCP.  DHCP is already working, you can break your install and may need to start over, or worse break your network.  Static IP, are you sure?
(USER): (Maybe I shouldn't do this) n

lol  But how many noob non-tech people are installing NEMS to monitor their hardware?

Maybe I'm being naive, I don't see this as an OS that many noobs will install.
Another alternative is to install cockpit-networkmanager.  

With this alternative you can switch the networking function on the debain/ubuntu image from networking to NetworkManager (via systemd).  you can then have full control over the network interface from within the cockpit dashboard (since it is a nice gui).  This will let you set the static IP, DNS servers and gateways for all attached network cards (and routes if so needed).  This will also let you set ipv6 if needed.  

I tried this on one of my sopine modules.  It required me to disable networking and enable NetworkManager.  NetworkManager will also just do DHCP on interfaces if no configuration is specified.

Anyway, this would be a nice alternative to webmin for setting up the network card and prevent anyone from having to write custom code since it is already supported in cockpit.

Wonderful idea, Sean, and since cockpit is already included, it makes sense. Since you have done this, could you open a new thread in User Contributions and provide a step-by-step? If it tests good, I'll include it in a coming update.

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