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Full Version: NEMS 1.4.1 Static IP address
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I have decided to go from 1.3 to 1.4

I'm a big proponent of static IP addresses.  oddly it seems /etc/dhcpcd.conf is missing from the disk.  I believe I read another post where you discouraged using static IP, but using dhcp with reservation.  You didn't say how to set a static IP in the latest version.  Is this possible?
I also have a DHCP server on the network.  It is not leasing out an IP address to the Pi from the looks of it.  I go to run nems-init and it says "You need to configure Internet connectivity first."

I feel like I am missing something small, but the directions go right from installing NEMS to nems-init.  nothing about any internet/network connectivity issues.
NEMS should grab an IP from the DHCP server on boot, as long as Ethernet is plugged in. Can you confirm? Then, set a reservation on your DHCP server based on the MAC address of your NEMS server.

You obviously require Internet connectivity for NEMS to function. It isn't much use if no Internet connection is found :)

OK.  having trouble because I don't run DHCP.  I am going to try some things but would rather have a static IP address.  Is there any way to put one in?  That's what I've done in the past
How can you not have a DHCP server? Is this home use?

Regardless, I don't yet have a supported means of setting a static IP within the device itself - there are too many variables (it's different from device to device).
I static all of our devices that are in our DMZ, which is where this device resides.  I only use DHCP for wifi guest access in our guest vlan.  I am with a local county government.

I am trying to spin up a small dhcp server.  All other iteration of NEMS I have set a static IP address in the /etc/dhcpcd.conf file, but it does not show up in this version.
Alright - cool, thanks for the info.
Can you kindly email me so we can take this discussion private? Just because if I post here in the forum how to set the static IP, it's gonna get messy as soon as someone does the same on a 1.3.1 system and breaks their network - lol.

Thank you.  I can do that but was able to resolve the DHCP issue.  I basically setup a DHCP server with just the one IP I wanted to use. I have no other need for DHCP in my DMZ so this will work.

So let's say static IP resolved by not using it!

I have another issue I may put another thread up for.  It's not related to this so I don't want to put it under this thread.  Really nice product Robbie, thanks again for your help in supporting it!
I managed to setup static ip on my nems pi3 as follows :-
(1) vi /etc/network/services
(2) add      :-
                     auto eth0
                     iface eth0 inet static
                               address XX.YY.ZZ.AA  ( put your i/p in here to replace XX..... etc)
                               gateway XX.YY.ZZ.AA ( put your gw i/p in here)
(3) wq! ( write changes, of course)
(4) sudo systemctl disable dhcpcd
(5) sudo systemctl enable networking
Hello, i don't have this file and dhcpcd !
i try to create file but not work !
Thanks to help me to use static IP
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