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Full Version: PI Zero W: Headless
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Alright - cool! In that case, please send me your support.nems file -- that'll make a world of difference to tracking down the issue.

sudo nems-support

I can also confirm this issue, happened with me on my raspberry pi 3b+. Troubleshooted for several hours, determined something was wrong with the image as I did not have the same problem setting up wifi on raspbian lite.

I ended up setting it up via ethernet so I can't give any dump files or anything.

Haaku here. I am still having that issue. Setting up Wi-Fi, reboot my NEMS (RPI Zero W) and i have again to set up the Wi-Fi including region and so on. Is there a fix available now?

- A short video showing that bug:
- I can send you files if needed ( i tried to sudo nems-support but i get the message "nems-support: command not found". I guess it's because i can't run nems-init due to the missing Wi-Fi which is needed to run nems-init)
- I still love NEMS. Big Grin

Would be great to solve that bug. It's impossible to use NEMS since the RPI Zero W doesn't have Ethernet.
Best Regards,
Thanks all. The Pi Zero has USB, and an Ethernet dongle can be obtained for like... $3. So that's a good option in the meantime. :) However, I will be putting every effort into fixing this for NEMS 1.5. Please hang in there till then. Pop your SD card in a different model Pi if you have one handy (since it only seems to affect the Pi Zero), and watch for NEMS 1.5, where I hope to have this resolved and strongly tested out the gate.
Hey Rob!

Glad to read. Thanks for taking care of that nasty bug. Unfortunately i don't have direct access to ethernet. So i have to wait for 1.5 (ALL Pis are effected by this bug btw.). But at least i get two new versions then. Thanks for your hard work and keep up the good work you are doing. :)
Thanks haaku. If other Pi's are affected, it'll be related to the WiFi. I never like people using WiFi (terrible for servers!) but can understand why a Pi Zero would want it.

This'll be high priority with NEMS 1.5. Thank you for your patience.
This issue has been escalated to the top priority for NEMS Linux 1.5. It will be fixed in NEMS 1.5, being released later this quarter. Users wishing to upgrade may easily do so by saving a NEMS Migrator backup, flashing NEMS 1.5's image, and then restoring the Migrator backup.

Watch the NEMS Linux web site for the new version, which may be out as early as the first week of December (and no later than the end of December).
WiFi has been fixed on Raspberry Pi boards for NEMS 1.5, and I've retroactively rolled out the patch to all NEMS 1.4.1 Pi-based systems. Please reboot your Raspberry Pi to activate the new firmware and gain access to WiFi connectivity, if desired.

As a side note, remember that while I've fixed this issue, I highly recommend using Ethernet for your NEMS server. I do however understand there are use cases where WiFi is desirable, even if not a truly "good" solution. Please remember that by using WiFi, you are introducing a very real possibility of false notifications as WiFi is not nearly as reliable as Ethernet for your NEMS server. If using a Raspberry Pi Zero, I'd recommend you look at a Ethernet OTG cable, which is only a few bucks on Amazon and will give your Pi Zero Ethernet connectivity.
Hello Rob!

I've downloaded 1.4.1 but i still can't connect to wifi. I am still having the that bug. Unfortunately my english isn't the best, but your last post sounds like "since the bug has a high priority, i implemented the fix inĀ  1.4.1" Please correct me if i'm wrong. And as i already said: Ethernet is not an option for me. I don'T have a cable connection. I only have Wifi. Which sucks due to the wi-fi bug. I there a link to NEMS 1.3. which has wifi working?
Unfortunately in order to receive the update, you have to have Ethernet. Chicken-and-egg scenario. You could plug your Pi Zero's card into a Pi 3 (for example) to run a nems-update, and then move that card into your Pi Zero to have working WiFi. Otherwise, you'll need to deploy NEMS Linux 1.5 when it is released.

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