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Full Version: disk still reporting critical warnings after files cleared down
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Hi, Has anyone had a similar problem where I've set the disk warning, to say, 70%, the disk critical to 75% , created some files to increase the root file system beyond 76%. I got the expexcted warning and critical e-mails, but when I cleared the files down to give a root file system size of 9%, I'm still gettingĀ  warning messages as though the /root is still over the warning threshold. Anyone know how to rectify this ?.
I've not seen such an issue. Are you certain your service is configured correctly in NEMS NConf?
Hi Robbie, thanks for the reply .As sure as I can be, maybe I'm missing something? is there a config file I could send you to confirm ?
Regards Steve W.
You could send me your backup.nems file ... email would probably be best -

Hi Steve74,
Thanks for sending your file.
It looks like your service command is using the check_local_disk check command rather than NRPE to your host (which requires the -H $HOSTADDRESS$ argument). In otherwords, you are checking your Raspberry Pi's disk, not your remote host (stpb). The check command check_local_disk checks the disk of your NEMS server even if you apply it to a different host, since the -H argument is never passed.
I admit, this is a bit confusing (even messy) at first. In a near future release of NEMS I hope to include more pre-configured check commands and document their usage. I'm already working on this for a rolling update to the NEMS 1.4 branch, though it may not make it in until NEMS 1.5 in the fall (though I'm doing all I can to try to push it out sooner). For now, you'd need to create your own NRPE check command for what you're hoping to do. Checkcommands -> Add in NEMS NConf.
Good luck!! Keep me posted.