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Full Version: HP Procurve Switch Monitor
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There is one plugin in particular that I would like to use.  It monitors HP Procurve switches and detects network loops.  I have a building full of tech guys who are all heroes in their own mind.  Yet, somehow, they always seem to create network loops between the data jack on the back of their IP phones and the data jacks in their cubicles.  This plugin would allow me to quickly identify and isolate which switch contains the loop.

It looks like the plugin does have a git repository.

Plugin Page
Git repository
Thanks for the request. I have added it to the roadmap for NEMS 1.5.
Added to NEMS 1.5.
Awesome!  Thank you!  So far, I'm loving 1.4.1.  Can't wait to see what you have in store for version 1.5.
:) And I can't wait to unveil it. Thanks for your input. Should be out very soon.
Hey Lee,
I hope NEMS 1.5 has been treating you well.

I've got another user -- mattmm212 -- who is requesting I add more SNMP monitoring for the Procurve. However, because I don't have a Procurve to test on, I was wondering if you'd be willing to help test (or even make recommendations regarding which check commands I should add).

Let me know - thanks!!
Hi Robbie,
Sorry for the delay in response, but I have been running ragged lately as we are rebuilding our entire network at 18 of our branches.

I have been loving 1.5 so far.  I am debating on switching to the VM version.

I would be more than happy to test the ProCurve monitoring.  We are actually replacing all of our ProCurves with Cisco gear the first weekend in October, but I will be keeping the ProCurve gear for backup and testing purposes.

If you care to have one, I can most likely donate one of my spare ProCurves to you when we have the new Cisco gear in place.

Best Regards,
Lee Coleman