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Full Version: Run NEMS in a Docker container
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I'd like to be able to run NEMS in a Docker container.

I am very familiar with Docker (and a bit familiar with Kubernetes).
I can assist in this venture (as I am interested in running in Docker).

I would suggest the container be based on Debian-9 and use the "slim" version as a starting point "docker pull debian:9-slim".
Not sure of the current distros of NEMS... But I would prefer all the compilation tools not be in the container after it's built.
Perhaps build outside the container and then pull in the binaries.
(Care has to be taken in the Dockerfile to avoid Docker layers of removed files).

Any other takers out there?
Thanks for the idea. I think having NEMS run in a Docker container could make a lot of sense in some environments. I won't even look at it until at least the Virtual Appliance has been released though, and not sure if this would occur before next year.

NEMS does not leave source code behind for compiled applications; only the scripts used to obtain and compile them.

NEMS is always powered by Debian stable, which at this time is Debian 9.5.

I would love to discuss this again in future with you, since you have experience with creating builds for Docker. I need to understand better the intricacies of how Docker works, how NEMS will interact with it, and so-on. For example, NEMS relies heavily on a unique hardware ID, so careful consideration would need to be made in that regard.

I think it would be best to bump this thread again after you see the OVA released. This will happen after the related Patreon goal is met.
Thats good to know you have not ruled it out. I have several QNAP NAS's on my home network and would be great to know you could run the application via a docker and many QNAP's and other NAS vendors support this type of virtualization. I know plenty of users would like this feature on the QNAP forums.
Thanks for the info. If there are particular NAS units, please let me know. I'd want to do a fair bit of testing (on such a unit) before releasing a build for them.

I would second that request.  Similar to Toxic, I have a couple different QNAP's that would be great for hosting a VM Appliance or Docker version of NEMS on.  I only have on RPi right now which is running my Pi-Hole server on.  

Or in the interim, could both NEMS and Pi-Hole could co-exist on the same install.  That way you have monitoring and DNS sinkhole on 1 box as I have CPU & memory to spare on my current Rpi 3B+.
Bumping this thread post VA release as requested, I would also like to run NEMS on my QNAP - either via docker or the native QPKG:

Personally use x86_64 (i7 6700K) processor, (TVS-1282)

With QNAP there is the possibility to import .OVA files in virtualisation station - would be interested to test if it is possible to monitor the NAS and also become a Patron if it is possible to run and provide monitoring of monitoring drive status, temperature, storage, jobs, and sending telegram notifications.

Can you recommend the best way to test this software for us QNAP users currently or consider developing a solution please?