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Hi Robbie,

I just wanted to say that my implementation of your NEMS 1.4 Build on my RPi 3B+ has been very stable now for a couple of months.

Thank you for you hard work and helping others.

Below is a MonitorIX Yearly Graph


Ron T
I love you man!
When I saw a new post "NEMS 1.4 STABILITY AND PERFORMANCE" ... from you, no less (the guy who had the most trouble with NEMS 1.3.x) my heart skipped a beat and I thought "Oh, no... what's wrong?" and clicked the thread with hesitation about what I might find.
And here you are praising the latest build.
Thank you! What users may not realize is that you played a big part of NEMS' stability in the 1.4.x era. Your thorough testing and detailed reports were invaluable to me as I worked so hard to make sure NEMS 1.4.x was the best it could possibly be. With people like you in the community, I don't feel like this is a "one man show" but more a community effort.
Thank you for the accolades Robbie.
I appreciate them and glad to be part of the team.

As an aside I now use the NEMS TV quite a lot.

That's cool man! Hope you like the new "surprise" feature :) NEMS 1.4.1 has been a lot of fun as I keep dropping little goodies here and there unannounced. Some more in the works :)