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Full Version: Removed the lazy loader. Thoughts?
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I removed the image lazy loader from the Season 5 episode list page on V3. I felt the advantages of having a lazy loader (which I love) were outweight by the disadvantages (mainly, the user had to scroll once to see the first image, and we can't use some jquery plugins which allow category sorting).

Comments? I know this adds to the load size of the page pretty substantially, but because we're on a CDN, I think it'll still be super fast. How does it feel to you?
I really don't notice it too much. It doesn't seem as nice as the lazy loader, but it doesn't really matter too much either. I'd say go for whichever uses less resources or allows the most configuration, which it seems with no lazy-loader is the way to go for both of these.
I notice a slight slow down but I am talking maybe 2-3 seconds longer not a huge deal so I think it will be fine
2-3 seconds is unacceptable for V3.

I'm weighing my options. Thanks guys.
I am not seeing any delay currently in loading the episode page. ( Win 7 x64 and Ubuntu 12.04 Beta in Firefox and IE 9 ) I will let you know what I see from Metro IE once I re-install the Win 8 CP.
K thanks. Keep in mind guys, V3 is meant to be practically INSTANT. If you're not seeing instant response, I've done something very wrong.
Garbee it might be my ISP that has the delay not the actual site no way to test that for me currently ... Good test to start with.
Thanks for the pointer to Netalyzer Garbee. Nifty tool.

Thank Steve Gibson of Security Now on TWiT, he is the one who found it and then shared with the world in his Buffer Bloat episode.