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Full Version: What would you like in the next version.s of PlexPi?
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Hi all,

I’ve been exchanging with Robbie recently about future updates for PlexPi and I wanted to compile a list of all the things we all wanted, if possible, integrated into PlexPi for future iterations.

Here’s a few I’ve thought of:

- reverse-proxy integration for hopefully faster remote streaming
- auto-update to avoid having to flash the SD card with every new version of PlexPi
- move to the Stretch repo as opposed to Jessie by default
- integration of Handbrake to convert files that Plex can’t seem to convert (I need this since certain films simply won’t stream and even Plex refuses to convert/optimise them)
- autobackup to whatever drive attached to Rpi
- integration of the tautulli tool

What else can you think of? I’d really love to hear some ideas!!