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Full Version: WMI Scripts
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Hi there. New user, and am learning as fast as I can, but I've run into a snag. 

Running the latest version of NEMS, and when I try to use the scripts that are included with NEMS, I've been getting errors.

1) I had to install the Perl module, as I was getting errors.
2) I had to change the directory in the file itself where it was looking for (to /usr/local/nagios/libexec.

Once those were done, the scripts ran, but with a warning that it couldn't get any WMI information due to a bad user/pass or not enough system privs. I went to shell and ran the script manually (typing in hostname, user and pass) and it works, and I've manually made some checkcommands with the information hard-coded, rather than pulling the ARGs from somewhere, and it works, but I'd really rather be using ARGs that can be defined in the interface (in case I have to change passwords and such).

Are these known bugs, or am I missing a step somewhere? 

It simply sounds to me as though you didn't save your credentials in NEMS System Settings Tool (under Configuration). Please confirm.

Though the path thing sounds like possibly a bug. Once I know more about what you're experiencing I can investigate it better. You should never have to edit cfg files manually nor add anything - if you do, your settings will be lost - so it's best I fix it on this end and push it out for you.
Oh I'm not manually editing CFG files - I just created Checkcommands with the credentials hardcoded into the command line.

I did have my admin creds in the NSST, however I discovered that it was my password itself that was causing the problem as it contains a bang (!) that broke the command. I'm going to go back and put the ARGS back in place and see if they work.

I will admit to adding something ( - I know it'll get killed on update, but if you could add that to your list of things to put in upcoming versions, it would be very helpful for those of us who need to make sure that an ESXi host's hardware isn't reporting problems :)

Amazing product, I've ordered 13 RPi B+'s, will be upping my Patreon once I get my ideal monitoring network in place.
Oh I see, okay. Yeah, I would have preferred you file a bug report for the password issue. I'd rather fix it than have you trying to find hacky workarounds :P  I've added it to the known issues list and will work on a fix.

I've added to the NEMS 1.5 to do list, cheers.

Thank you for the compliments. I hope (hehe) you used our links to buy the Pi's cause that's a pretty decent order... but either way - thanks for your support!!

Added to NEMS 1.5: check_esxi_hardware