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Full Version: Distributed Monitoring
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I have just started installing this system in this quase distributed format. I use a vpn concentrator and all the RPi NEMS servers tunnel back to me. Then I created a slide show presentation on my streaming server with the NEMS TV in an Iframe and show 4 servers on the screen for monitoring. 

My problem with this is that the NEMS TV doesn't shrink quite enough to fit in 1/4 of the screen. I would also like the server hostname identified in the bottom border of the screen where the time is shown. That would make it easier to tell which was which. I can monitor 5 servers (6 second show time) in each part of the screen and get back to the first one just as it re-reads the data.

Hi lasersoft,
Please open a new thread in the Feature Requests forum rather than bumping an old thread.
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