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Full Version: How to monitor https with http_check
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What is the correct way to monitor https with http_check and NCONF
I am getting check_http: Invalid option - SSL is not available 

I have tried to follow instructions on this site but it has not solved my problem.
First of all I am fairly new to nems and Linux so if you have a step by step that would help me alot.
I'll add a https check command to NEMS 1.5 to make it easy. Watch for it. Cool?

Thanks Robbie.

Sounds good, That is exactly what I need, when is the releaseplan for version 1.5
Hi Tommernnor,
NEMS Linux 1.5 comes out this quarter. I've yet to announce an official release date, but it will likely be mid-November.

Hi Robbie.

That is cool, looking forward to it  Smile

Thank You
Cheers! Me too :)
Hi Tommernnor,
Finally getting around to this - apologies for the delay. It's been a busy year for NEMS to be sure.

I decided against creating a new check command for this since the functionality is already there in the existing check command, as long as users understand the syntax. So my approach will be more focused on improving the users' ability to understand the syntax.

For this command, check_http, because it is a rather extensive syntax, I opted to write it into the documentation at instead of trying to cram it into the NConf screen :)

Please note the Service Parameter setting examples at the bottom. I think these should get you started. Let me know how it goes.

Hi Robie.

Any news on version 1.5 with https check?

Tom Hansen
Hi Tom,
NEMS Linux 1.5 is right around the corner (loads of updates available in the changelogs). In the meantime, please read this article for information on how to monitor HTTPS web sites:

Let me know how it goes.
Hi Robbie.

This worked superb, thank you for the info and I am looking forward to upgrade to version 1.5 when it is released. 

Best Regards
Tom Hansen
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