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Full Version: XU4 resize issue
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XU4 SD resize issue; see this post:

Build info: 32 GB SD Card + 32 GB eMMC
Thanks for reporting the issue JonBackhaus. I will build a new image with the fix within the next week or two.
Hi JonBackhaus,
I was about to release the 3rd build, but then I was able to replicate the problem.
It looks like this occurs when you have BOTH an emmc card and a SD card connected simultaneously.
Does this match your setup?
If yes, why do you have both connected?
I've held Build 3 to give us a chance to discuss and I will create a fix.
Update: I have written a patch to allow the resize script to work even if you have both an emmc and a SD card installed.

I'm still curious though why you have this.

I will create build 3 with the new patch within the next 24 hours or so.
Yes — it does. My original intent was to install to the eMMC. When I saw that was not supported, I figured I would install to the SD and then move some logs, etc. on to the eMMC.
Fair enough :)
I simply had never thought someone might install both a SD card and a eMMC card. Just didn't cross my mind, that's all. So I didn't account for it.
So, I've written the patch and will create the new image. Watch for Build 3. You'll need to re-image to fix your NEMS server, so just run a Migrator backup so you can import after you re-flash.
This issue (caused by having an eMMC card AND SD card installed, so system didn't know what to resize) is resolved. If you are affected by this issue, please re-flash 1.4.1 Build 3 for ODROID XU3/XU4/HC1/HC2 (or higher).