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Full Version: Inactive installation
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I just installed NEMS Linux 4.14.44-07+ on a RasPi B+ with 16GB SD card. nems-init is linked to an empty (0 byte); index.php is 0 bytes; the graphical login goes to a blank/black screen, then back to login. I followed the installation instructions, including using Etcher for setting up the SD card. The pi is running, but no NEMS as far as I can tell. Any thoughts?
Sounds like you have a corrupt img file. Can you please try re-downloading it and check the checksum, then burn it again?

What you're describing is some kind of corruption; not normal behavior. :)

Let me know.

New download fixed it, up and running. Thanks! SHould have caught it from the md5.
Glad you're up and running! I truly hope you enjoy using NEMS!